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- Shut it down manually using the power button, removed the battery and then pressed the power button for 30 seconds to drain any power in it. - I tried removing my battery completely, and started the windows with my A/C adapter and then shut it down and it didnt work either.The screen and HD shuts down but the power light and the fans are still on.Earler, I had added Update I had these Hangs for quite a while but was eventually at a point where I learned my HDD was beginning to fail sectors etc. I reinstalled the OS on a single boot HDD with Swap as the 1st, Root as 2nd, and Home as 3rd logical partitions as per recommendations from Ubuntu.Technically, sda1 is Grub, sda2 is Extended, sda5, sda6, sda7 are swap, root, and home respectively; sda3 and sda4 are not present.My Ubuntu 16.04 hangs on shutdown/restart requiring me to press and hold the power key to turn the machine off... How to know, you need it: if you cannot exit BIOS setup as well, you're completely need it.I don't know how to report this as a bug and what commands to run to show the necessary hardware/sys log info? I had this problem with MSI H170A PC Mate and Skylake.The previous OS was a dual install Win7/Ubuntu and the Swap partition was at the end of the HDD.I am not stating that this problem is tied to a dual boot system, a failing HDD, or the order in which I placed the partitions but, in my case one, two, or all of these factors existed.

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During such a hang, there is no response to Ctrl Alt Del; the mouse may or may not work. This is a known bug in Windows XP, for which Microsoft has a supported fix.

This problem has not been present on the newly installed OS on the HDD since then, 9 months approximately.

I am running LTS at this point without any of the Hangs on restart or shutdown.

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