Blaupunkt lucca mp3 os updating

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It mainly was suggested by a friend of mine who is not convinced of 'Mio Pocket' or comparable other shells for Windows® (Embedded) CE based Sat Nav units, this because of their not Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 fair implementation and their immense RAM hunger and/or missing finger-friendliness, as he said. ce FFM is a free (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") absolute finger-friendly shell/menu ( at least I think so ) for Windows® CE (. NET) 6.0 (CE6) based Sat Nav touchscreen devices with an ARM™ processor equipped board . It is just a frontend from which you may among other things launch the navigation software that came with your device or that you purchase separately. Basically ce FFM acts as an "unlock" for Sat Nav devices (AKA PNAs/AIOs) running either CE5 or CE6.Such devices almost always boot into the manufacturer's software with no way to exit it, meaning that you cannot run any other software; i.e.

After spending another hour searching the internet I found this is a common fault.I highly recommend Garmin Nuvi 310 for everybody who wants a high quality Sat Nav…Read Full Review I found the Garmin nuvi 310 device great if you only want to use the preloaded maps.: Jun09 • Tom Tom shares rise as talk of Apple buy-in spreads : Jun09 • Arnie says haste la vista to ban on windscreen mounts : Jun09 • Pocket GPSWorld has had a makeover : Jun09 • Roadhawk in-car camera GPS and black box system : Jun09 • Destinator 9 Announced : Jun09 • Navigon to release a Turn by Turn i Phone app : Jun09 • Apple WWDC - New i Phone Today?: Jun09 • Garmin nuvifone - will Asia see a launch next month?

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