Consolidating democracy in latin america

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The goal of political scientists who study Latin America is not just to understand the origins and nature of the region’s new democracies but also to determine ways in which they can be strengthened and deepened.This is much more than a matter of individual preference or disciplinary ideology.But at about the time Mainwaring was writing, onetime coupmaker Hugo Chávez was winning election to the Venezuelan presidency and beginning to move his country away from democratic rule.Venezuela had survived the rash of military coups that swept the region in the 1960s and 1970s to become a byword for democratic stability in Latin America.Analyzing the status and daily operations of these legislatures, the authors explore the demands made on government, government reactions to public debate and opposition, and whether important forces remain outside the formal machinery of democratic government—all vital issues in the process of democratization.In the process, they show each nation's progress toward open, competitive, tolerant politics.This history has alerted us to the error of treating every successor to authoritarianism as a full-fledged liberal democracy.

In some countries, party systems have collapsed (e.g., Peru and Venezuela); in other countries, parties have become increasingly detached from civil society (e.g., Chile and Mexico), and, in others, social movements have replaced traditional parties (e.g., Bolivia).The result is usually a combination of low theory, high generalization, and turgid jargon.Nevertheless, occasional insights occur, and these two books are among the more important recent additions to the literature."Provides a wealth of useful information and analysis on the role of assemblies in the newly democratizing countries of Latin America.... Patrice Mc Sherry, Legislatures are indispensable parts of constitutional liberal democracies, controlling and criticizing the executive while voicing a wide range of opinions on public issues.This book examines the role of the legislature in the politics of democratic construction and consolidation in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Uruguay.

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