Dating a female bodybuilder

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The best way to get acquainted and really learn about each other is to spend time in a fitness activity you both love — so it makes sense to go on a bodybuilder date.And when your partner has the same level of interest on living a healthy, active life as you do, you’ll continue to find other enjoyable fitness activities to engage in together, as well as inspire each other toward greater fitness goals and achievements.I figured I could learn from it, get better at charming women, even simply speaking to them.That's how miserable I was at dating then, thinking I might absorb something for my own benefit.Everything was going great, we were together for 2 weeks and I really thought she may have been the one, but that was until yesterday.Yesterday she lost a pose down competition, she came in second and that put her in a rage.

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I took care of them, the way a bartender does, and then retreated to wipe down a highball or cut limes, assessing, all by my lonesome, how the date was going.Quickly and Easily Connect With Body Building Singles From the Comfort of Your Own Home! Say Goodbye to Striking Out When You Go Out, Now You Can Find Single Women and Men Who Treat Their Bodies Like Temples and Want the Same From the Person They Date. ” to the tired old cliché of coffee dates and going to the movies.My mom was already a sleep so we had the first floor and the basement all to our selves.I broke out the box of wine and we got a little more comfortable with each other, I told her I admired the hard work and dedication she had to achieve that well toned and muscular 5-10 205 pound frame.

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