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Your 18-year-old son is dating a 16-year-old female classmate – no big deal, right?A two-year age difference isn’t particularly alarming, and dating is fairly standard at that age. Indecent behavior with juveniles is the commission of any lewd or lascivious act upon the person or in the presence of any child under the age of seventeen, where there is an age difference of greater than two years between the two persons, with the intention of arousing or gratifying the sexual desires of either person. (3) For purposes of this Subsection, a "qualified sex offender program" means one which includes both group and individual therapy and arousal reconditioning. (2) "Sexual conduct" means actual or simulated sexual intercourse, deviant sexual intercourse, sexual bestiality, masturbation, sadomasochistic abuse, lewd exhibition of the genitals, or any lewd or lascivious act. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to the transference of such images by a telephone company, cable television company, or any of its affiliates, an Internet provider, or commercial online service provider, or to the carrying, broadcasting, or performing of related activities in providing telephone, cable television, Internet, or commercial online services. An offense committed under this Section may be deemed to have been committed where the electronic textual communication was originally sent, originally received, or originally viewed by any person. After the institution of prosecution, access to and the disposition of any material seized as evidence of this offense shall be in accordance with R. For the purpose of Subsections A and B of this section, "exhibition or display" means the exhibition or display of material harmful to minors as defined in Subsection A so that, as displayed, depictions and representations of illicit sex or sexual immorality are visible to minors, or that an unmarried person under the age of seventeen years is permitted to see or examine the contents of the material harmful to minors. (2) Whoever is charged and convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile under Subparagraph (b) of Paragraph (11) of Subsection A of this Section shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars or imprisoned with or without hard labor for not more than two years, or both. It shall also be a condition of parole that the offender be prohibited from being alone with a child without the supervision of another adult. (3) It is not a defense to a prosecution brought pursuant to this Section, on the basis of consent or otherwise, that the person reasonably believed to be under the age of eighteen is actually a law enforcement officer or peace officer acting in his official capacity. For purposes of this Section, the following words have the following meanings: (1) "Electronic textual communication" means a textual communication made through the use of a computer on-line service, Internet service, or any other means of electronic communication, including but not limited to a local bulletin board service, Internet chat room, electronic mail, or on-line messaging service. Lack of knowledge of age or marital status shall not constitute a defense, unless the defendant shows that he had reasonable cause to believe that the minor involved was either married or seventeen years of age or more and that the minor exhibited to the defendant a draft card, driver’s license, birth certificate or other official or apparently official document purporting to establish that such a minor was either married or seventeen years of age or more. E.(1) Whoever is charged and convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile under Subparagraph (a) of Paragraph (11) of Subsection A of this Section shall be imprisoned at hard labor for not less than two years and for not more than ten years or imprisoned according to the sentence of imprisonment for the underlying felony, whichever is less. A related issue is whether or not to apply ages of consent to homosexual relationships that are different from those applied to heterosexual relationships.Organized efforts have ranged from academic discussions to political petitions.

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He walked out of prison on May 3, 2004, at age 19, a free man.

But if these teens are having sex, and you live in a state where prosecutors aggressively enforce the law, it’s possible that your son could be charged with statutory rape.

Take, for example, the widely publicized case of Marcus Dwayne Dixon, an 18-year-old high school honor student and star football player who had sex with a 15-year-old female classmate.

In an interview after his release, Dixon told The Oprah Show, “Freedom is great.

It’s unbelievable that I’m finally home after 14 months.

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