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As the case continues to command public attention, many more people have been proposed as Short's killer, much like London's Jack the Ripper murders.Because of the complexity of the case, the original investigators treated every person who knew Elizabeth Short as a suspect who had to be eliminated.According to Janette Wallis, head of PR at The Good Schools Guide, Henderson is “extremely down to earth – one could not imagine a less upper-crusty head.

About 60 people confessed to the murder, mostly men but including a few women.Is this what parents at any school – let alone one with a unique tradition – expect or want in their head, notwithstanding his academic or sporting prowess?Qualities traditional in heads of august schools were, perhaps, gravitas, impressiveness, dignity.School heads come and go and it’s not often that a new appointment makes the news.But anything going on at the ultimate “posh school” – Eton College – unerringly hits headlines and as David Cameron’s alma mater (and, let it not be forgotten, that of 18 previous prime ministers) its appointment of a new headmaster is intriguing.

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