Stax validating xml 6

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I've written a simple St AX-based parser for XB to see how it affects the performance.

I've used the same tests I've been using previously while working on optimizations and comparison to JAXB.

For example: Alternatively to using @Xml Root Element and Collection wrappers, one can provide an Object factory which will tell JAXB how to marshal a given type (in case of Collections - its template type).

Another option is to return/accept a JAXBElement directly from/in a given method.

(Click here for an online demonstration) Demonstrates setting the display characteristics of individual form controls.

The request and response can be marshalled and unmarshalled to/from Java object using JAXB.

It also provides high-level HTML form manipulation functions.

But this happens (with SAX at least) only if the validation is enabled. The results show the average time (in ms) of 10 independent re-runs and include the time for the first test run (includes parser initialization, classloading, etc) and subsequent 1000 runs.You are therefore free to use it in commercial applications subject to the terms detailed in any one of these licence documents.The javadocs provide comprehensive documentation of the entire API, as well as being a very useful reference on aspects of HTML and XML in general.There's a number of ways to tell to the JAXB provider how objects can be serialized.The simplest way is to mark a given type with @Xml Root Element annotation.

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