Taye diggs dating a black woman radiometric dating system

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'" PHOTOS: Taye Diggs and other hot TV doctors All kidding aside, Diggs, 40, said he was "really lucky" to be accepted by his in-laws. I can't lie, I had no issues there." Diggs' family was equally accepting of Menzel, 40."I don't know what they felt on the inside, but I was very fortunate," he explained. PHOTOS: Hollywood's most doting dads "My mother said, ' I told you! "She always thought -- I hate this, but I'm being honest -- she said, ' I always knew you were gonna marry a white girl!So it’s a continuing issue.” Those were Diggs’ words–not My Brown Baby’s.He said them in response to a My Brown Baby question given him in a Q&A roundtable with four other bloggers. after he did an interview telling The Grio he doesn't want his son to disrespect his mother, Idina Menzel's heritage by identifying himself as just black.he not only stands his ground, he addresses this -- what if his son wants to identify as white??!!Somebody will be upset and say i got rich and deserted my female people; No offense, but the only black woman I ever loved is my mama.– Taye Diggs This should come as no surprise as Mr.

It’s particularly beautiful when any person of any race find love in times where “flings” seem to be the new way to “love.”However, there is something wrong with men who are against or not too fond of dating in their own race.

It's 2016, you're not a cool, hip white female celebrity unless you've been at least photographed in risque poses with some random black male celebrity, bonus points for confirmed relationship, extra bonus points for sex tape.

I think the more pertinent question is why celebrity interracial couplings are always white girl and black guy in a media whose controlling interests and audience are predominantly white... All human cultures exhibit, or have exhibited in the past, an acute loathing for women who "marry out".

“Let’s just say its not a stereotype that black women are less submissive and harder to deal with.

Being around all them black women made me really miss my wife” Stumbling out of a New York bar fresh off a world wind press tour in Los Angeles with wife Idina Menzel in tow Taye spoke briefly on the cast and breakaway success of ‘The Best Man Holiday’.

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