Trina and french montana dating

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If this is my sister, I'ma rock with my sister for whatever it is.

Ain't nobody gonna turn me away from my sister. I just feel like it's not what you do but how you do it.

In a new interview, Trina said she wanted something more serious than what a fellow rapper brings to the table.

“We not shooting no jumpers over here with no rappers,” Trina revealed in an interview.

The friend that everything you [French] post on your Instagram, your whole house, how it looks, I did that. So let's be clear on the friend thing since you [French] want to be so messy about it because we were friends." Last month, Trina dished on her relations with French, calling him a friend.

The friend that sends and imports stuff, furniture, all kind of stuff from Miami to New York. While talking about the rapper, she also noted, "Some things you just don't do out of respect" and she's most likely referring to his fling with Kardashian.

I don't feel like [Kim's] done anything to me.

French recently gave his side of the tale and denied being in a relationship with the Miami rapstress. I was just going through my divorce so I was just having fun with life," said French.

"I wasn't in a mental space to be in a relationship.

I wanted that to be clear, and it was a lot of back and forth, but I was there with you [French] every single day and step of the way while you were dealing with and going through that. And when you say friend, friend not like I'm the girl you met at the club or I'm the girl you took home and we're smashing. The friend that when you [French] came to Miami you never slept in a hotel because you stayed at my house every single time.

Beyond supportive, I'm the one that told you [French] to step up to the plate like a man and make the right choice." She went on to drop another bomb, mentioning that she still has the keys to his house. The friend that I have the keys to your [French] house 'til today, that kind of friend.

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