Updating paper provisional driving licence

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If this is not possible though, you will need to apply by post or in person (see the above paragraph) instead and provide the relevant documentation.

You will need your passport number handy during the application process, as this is used as confirmation of your identity.

Drivers can view all the information that would previously be recorded on their driving licence paper counterpart (or on their traditional paper licence) online at the GOV. This link also provides information on how to request driver record information by phone or post, which could be useful if your older parent isn’t comfortable using a computer.

Driving licences automatically expire once you reach the age of 70 and if you wish to continue to drive, then you must renew your licence.

The DVLA has already warned about fraudsters sending out emails asking people to click a link to verify their driving licence, which if followed could see them compromised and their bank details stolen.

There are fears that car hire firms could pass on the cost of having to check licences by phone.

From now on, penalty points and other information, such as disqualifications, will be stored electronically on each driver’s record kept by the DVLA.This option requires you to be able to pay the £20.00 fee by credit/debit card.You do not need to send a passport photograph if you apply online, as the DVLA uses the Identity and Passport Service to do so.The reason I am worrying is because I am in the process of having a CRB check done for work and they need a copy of my driving licence.So would prefer as little arsing about as possible.

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